Aquarium Pharm Co2 Booster 8 Oz.


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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Aquarium Pharm Co2 Booster

Aquarium Pharm Co2 Booster 8 Oz.
Aquarium Pharm Co2 Booster 8 Oz. (for Freshwater)
Product Description:

Aquarium Pharm Co2 Booster 8 Oz.
Mars Fishcare proudly launches new product in the API family CO2 Booster

Chalfont, PA Mars Fishcare North America, Inc. is proud to announce with great enthusiasm a new addition to the API Treatment Plant Range: CO2 BOOSTER. Carbon deficiency is one of the leading causes of poor plant growth in aquariums. The new API CO2 BOOSTER contains a unique organic carbon compound that provides plants with essential carbon in an easy-to-use liquid form. API has proven the efficacy of this new product, with dramatic results. In laboratory testing, plants treated with API CO2 BOOSTER grew 7 times more than plants in an untreated aquarium. API CO2 BOOSTER joins the Plant Care step of the API Successful Fishkeeping Program, a unique, easy-to-follow program to assist fishkeepers in starting and maintaining healthy aquariums. Other products in the API Plant Care range are First Layer Pure Laterite, Root Tabs and Leaf Zone.
Robin Lieberman, Brand Manager of API Treatments said, Im excited about the growth trend that we are seeing in the aquatic plant segment, and we are putting renewed support behind the API plant range to encourage more fishkeepers to add live plants to their aquariums.
Mars Fishcare North America, Inc. is a member of the Mars group of companies, and has been a leader in the pet industry for more than 50 years, manufacturing hundreds of quality products for aquariums and ponds under the brand names of API, RENA, PondCare and Aquarian. Information regarding all Mars Fishcare brands can be found at
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