AquaUltraviolet Classic Inline UV Sterilizer 15 Watt 2″ Socket-Black


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AquaUltraviolet Classic Inline UV Sterilizer 15 Watt With 2″ Socket (allows for any size hose barb fitting)

  • Fresh Water Sterilizer 1500-3000 gals / Flowrate – 3200 gph for 30,000 µw/cm2
  • Fresh Water Clarifier to 6500 gals
  • SaltWater Sterilizer to 355 gals / Flowrate – 1066 gph for 90,000 µw/cm2
  • The ultraviolet light sanitizer emits a germicidal ray which alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of single celled organisms
  • Ultraviolet is a proven ultraviolet water purification system for controlling algae, bacteria, and protozoa.
  • Aqua Ultraviolet water purification systems will eradicate these organisms without any harmful residuals.
  • The UV controls the spread of fish disease, viruses, and other harmful pathogens, as well as keeping your water clear by destroying free floating algae.
  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s Light Sanitizers will clear your water in 3 to 5 days, sometimes overnight, and keep it that way.
  • Performance is guaranteed when sized, installed and operated according to our instructions.


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