Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer


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Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer Wide Range Specific Gravity Meter Information

The re-designed deep six hydrometer with improved calibration and bubble diffuser ensures more accurate readings of your aquarium salt levels. Also includes a built in base so you can rest the hydrometer on a counter top or other flat surface when taking salt readings.

  • Specific Gravity and Salinity PPT Scales
  • Optimal Specific Gravity / Salinity range indicator on scale
  • Bubble diffuser on water intake prevents micro-bubbles from forming on needle
What’s in the Box

  • Hydrometer
  • Instructions on package

Manufacturer Info

Coralife Aquarium Supplies
Coralife is one of the markets leading manufacturers of premium aquarium products. The brand is best known for their comprehensive line of aquarium lights, protein skimmers and calcium reactors. Coralifes unique line of aquarium accessoriesprotective gloves for maintenance and coral propagation, accurate and affordable digital thermometers and hydrometersset Coralife apart from other brands and have created quite a following among aquarium hobbyists. With an ever-expanding and diverse product line coupled with customer support that is second-to-none, Coralife sets the bar high for aquarium supply manufacturers and they will no doubt continue to wow aquarists with their innovative, low-cost solutions for years to come.


1 year manufacturer warranty

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Coralife deep six hydrometer.Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer

Availability: Only 4 left in stock