Eheim Classic 250 External Canister Filter with Bio media and double taps


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Reliable standard in high quality.

The over decades and millionfold tried and tested external filter generation with a sound range of basic features and very high standard of quality. Carefully matched components and features. The balance between pump performance and tank volume provide the best conditions for your aquarium. Pleasantly quiet running, robust durability, long service life, low energy consumption.

Excellent value for money

All models include spraybar, inlet pipe, hose and installation accessories

  • Specific equipment of individual models:
  • classic 150 with base for safe positioning
  • classic 250 with filter basket, with 1 each of coarse filter pad, fine filter pad and activated carbon pad each
  • classic 1500XL with practical drain tap;
  • pump unit can be operated separately from the canister

The filter can be operated with coarse and fine filter pads. However, we recommend a filter media layering set up using EHEIM filter media. For this, there are filter Media Sets for each model (except classic 150).
A variety of accessories allow you to upgrade the features to meet your requirements

For tanks 20gal to 65gal.

Weight 8 lbs