Eheim Multibox


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Eheim Multibox
Product Description:
Eheim Multibox
The new EHEIM MultiBox is a multi-purpose container designed to hook on to the aquarium for hands free maintenance.

The simplest ideas are often the best. Where would you normally put your tools such as scissors, tweezers, glass scraper, plant tongs, etc., whilst doing maintenance work on your aquarium? Where do you put your plants and utensils for aquascaping? What do you do with dripping internal filters, plant residue and waste? Where do your new aquarium inhabitants get used to their new environment? Where is your quarantine or treatment area?
The EHIEM Multibox is the perfect solutionfor organizing your work area – simply hang it on the aquarium glass or cabinet door. The hanging bracket, tool holder, lid and overall dimensions have all been skillfully designed for convinence and practicality.
Benefits of the EHEIM Multibox:

* Practical, hook on container for maintenance work and aquascaping
* Section for plant residue, algae and other waste
* Can be used for carrying wet items (internal filters) to the sink or waste to the bin
* Compartment for acclimatising tank inhabitants to a different or new environment
* Quarantine or treatment compartment
* Divided lids prevent fish from jumping out (opening for ventilation hose included)
Secure fit:
* Simply hang on the aquarium or, if the aquarium hood makes this impossible, on the cabinet door.
* Hanging bracket can be adjusted from 4 mm (for aquarium glass) to 20 mm (for cabinet doors).
* Spacer for vertical adjustment – locked in position at the bottom of the box.
* 6 eyelets to hang on tools (tweezers, scissors, fish net, glass scraper etc.).
Ideal dimensions:
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 310 mm x 187 mm x 101 mm.
* The box can be filled with up to 2.5 L of water.
* The size of the box is ideal for acclimating fish for their new envirnmont as, once settled, they can be gently caught and released into the aquarium with a small net. This reduces the risk of infection, as no external water is introduced onto the aquarium.
Additional benefits for pet dealers:
* Ideal for catching and transporting fish to the bagging station
* The Multibox is suitable for two small of medium fish bags
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Eheim Multibox

Availability: In stock