Eheim Universal Hobby Pumps


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Three models available-so powerful and versatile. Used in many applications eg. garden ponds , breeding units, water displays, fountains and ponds. Providing essential water movement for aeration and clean conditions.
The wide variation of outputs from 270 to 5100 l/h, operating under or outside of water, for fresh or marine water.
Keeping to the EHEIM promise: Innovative technology, superior material, outstanding workmanship and guaranteed reliable continual use.

Superior quality, ceramic shaft, ceramic and carbon bearing.
For Outdoor use

Suitable for use in or out of fresh or salt water
Silent operation
Low energy consumption

Technical data 125012601262
Pump output approxI/h120024003400
Del.head approx Hmaxm2,03,73,6
Power consumptionW286580
On Intake Side 18/G1/2″28/G3/4″28/G3/4″
On Pressure Side 13/G3/8″18/G3/4″18/G3/4″
Dimensions HxWxDmm121 x 178 x 96161 x 218 x 116161 x 218 x 116
Weight20 lbs

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Eheim Universal Hobby Pumps
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