Kessil Extension Mount


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  • Part Number: KSAEM01

  • Weight: 1.32 lb / 0.6kg

  • Dimensions: ø 1″ x H 37.8″

Product Information


The Extension Mount is designed to be used with the Mounting Arm and provides customers with additional mounting option. It is designed specifically for acrylic or euro-braced tanks, by affixing the mounting arms to the tank stand. The Extension Mount comes with two extension tubes, allowing a total length of 57 1/2″. It is compatible with A160, A360, and AP700.


What’s in the Box

    • Extension Tube (x2)

    • Coupling (pre-installed with M4 ROUND HEAD HEX SCREW, L=5mm) (x2)

    • M4 phillips wood screw (x8)

    • M5 thumb screw (x4)


No. of Extension Mount Sets Required for AP700

kessil Extension Mount
Weight 1 lbs