Midnight Serenade (M- L) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Purple)


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Common Name:      Nymphaea ‘Midnight Serenade’

This award-winning tropical waterlily was hybridized by Craig Presnell in 2000.  Bright purple flowers with petaloid centers are the selling point along with nicely mottled pads.  The name is homage to Nymphaea ‘Midnight’ with similarly shaped flowers. It was the winner of the Banksian Award given by the IWGS in 2002 for best medium tropical waterlily. This is a great well rounded tropical waterlily with all of the attributes to make it your new favorite in the water garden. 

Scientific name: Nymphaea x ‘Midnight Serenade’

Hardiness: Tropical

Flower Color: Purple

Pad Color: Green with purple mottling

Size: Large

Hybridizer: Craig Presnell 2000

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