Sicce Green Reset 40 Pond Filter With 20 Watt UV 5300 Gallon (NO FREE FREIGHT)


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Sicce Green Reset 40 Pond Filter With 20 Watt UV 5300 Gallon

* Italian-made pressurized external pond filter with built-in UV clarifier
* Keeps pond water clear of debris AND free-floating green water algae
* Simple 3-step self-cleaning feature eases routine pond filter maintenance SICCE

A clean filter is an effective filter for maintaining pond water quality. Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV features a patented Easy Cleaning System to ensure optimum filter performance essential for clean, healthy pond water. Italian-made external pressurized pond filter boasts great filtration capacity plus an effective UV-C clarifier to achieve crystal-clear pond water.

To clean and optimize filter performance, simply 1) Lift the large Cleaning Handle, 2) Switch filter function to “Clean”, and 3) Press down on the Cleaning Handle. Tubing you connect to the discharge outlet directs effluent to your lawn, flowerbed, garden or any area that benefits from free, nutrient-rich plant fertilizer! Place the Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV next to your pond above water level or buried in the ground for discreet installation.

Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV employs multiple foam filter sponges for effective debris and particulate-trapping mechanical filtration. Models 25 & 40 include Bio-Balls for added biological filtration. Powerful UV clarifier in all models delivers cleansing UV-C light to combat green pond water algae.

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For your convenience, we packaged together the Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV with a matching Sicce brand pump. Streamline product selection and enjoy great savings!

Working principles of green reset filter
Green Reset Filters have been designed to perform three important stages of filtration, essential to maintaining pond water clear and healthy:

* Mechanical self-cleaning filtration by special sponges blocks all larger impurities or debris. When the sponges are obstructed, they can be cleaned by the Handle Cleaning System without opening the filter.
* Biological filtration (Models 25-40 only) by special Bio-Balls positioned on the bottom of the filter. Bio-Balls have a special structure with a wide surface for the deposit of Bacteria to help maintaining the water healthy. These special Bio-Balls have to be washed rarely as each wash removes most of the grown bacterial flora.
* Sterilization by UV-C rays, granted by the special UV-C lamp. The water, through the tube that connects the pump to the Inlet of the filter, is forced towards the mechanical filtration compartment. A special header distributes the water uniformly over the sponges to ensure maximum efficiency over the whole surface. Then water reaches the grille on the bottom of the filter compartment and Bio-Balls with bacteria that eliminate any toxic substances (Models 25-40 only). The water is now clean and passes through the UV-C sterilizer that inhibits algae growth. The water returns to the pond through the outlet.

Filter Positioning
The choice in positioning Green Reset Filter is very important. Carefully follow these suggestions:

* The filter can be placed at ground level or partially buried. In this case the V-band must be kept at least 10 cm above ground level.
* Do not cover the filter so to avoid overheating.
* Place the filter on a flat, stable base, in an adequately ventilated area, shaded from direct sunlight.
* Locate the filter vertically at least one meter away from the edge of the pond and make sure it cannot fall into water. Verify that there is enough space around the filter for the cleaning operations.
* Do not make the filter working at pressure over 0.4 bars. Locate the filter so the Inlet and outlet point in the direction of the pond to avoid useless bends in the connecting pipes.

First installation of Green Reset Filter

* Open the V-band and lift the filter cover.
* Remove the sponges.
* Remove the grille under the sponges (Models 25-40 only).
* Put the biological filtering material (Bio-Balls) inside on the bottom of the filter paying attention to do not obstruct the Central Hose.
* Reposition the grille on the top, fixing it correctly. Then position the sponges (Models 25-40 only).
* Verify that the O-ring in the top groove of the canister is positioned in a proper way.
* Position the filter cover on the gasket and close the filter with the V-band paying attention that the O-ring is still positioned in a proper way. Be careful to do not pinch your fingers or the power cable.
* Connect the inlet and outlet hoses.
* Verify that the flow switch is in the “FILTER” position.

After having done the abovementioned operations, please proceed as follows:

* Switch on the pump and let it work for some minutes in order to verify that everything is functioning and there are no leaks.
* If everything is working and the water normally flows through the filter, connect the plug of the UV-C Lamp and verify that it is on through the light indicator.
* The filter can work 24 hours/day for the entire year except if the temperature drops below 4degrees C. To avoid damages, unplug the power and empty completely the filter.


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Sicce Green Reset 40 Pond Filter With 20 Watt UV 5300 Gallon (NO FREE FREIGHT)