Vampire Shrimp (Atya gabonensis) 1 per order


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The Vampire shrimp is also called giant African filter shrimp, Gabon shrimp, and viper shrimp. Although the names sound menacing this is a peaceful filter feeding shrimp that gets to a decent size. Most reach 3-4″ and there are reports of 6″ beasts. They do need to filter feed which makes them great additions to planted tanks. They will filter out any floating debris or micro-organisms in the water. Other good tank mates include dwarf cherry shrimp, crystal shrimp, and algae eating shrimp. They are docile and will not like boisterous tank mates like barbs or cichlids.


They filter feed from the water colum. Make sure they do get enough food as they are fairly large. You can supplement with brine shrimp, ground pellets, or crushed flake.

Sexual Dimorphism



There are some reports of successful breeding. This is a simple breakdown of the process;

  • Remove the female once she has eggs.
  • Once the larvae hatch remove the female.
  • You need a phyto culture to feed the larve, also they need a salt tank to develop in.
  • Once they reach a certain stage they can start to be acclimated over to fresh water, over a week or two.
  • Contiune to maintain great water quailty and good food. The shrimp are slow growing.
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Vampire Shrimp (Atya gabonensis) 1 per order