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General Information

The White Spot Rabbit snail gets its name from the gold color body. They originate from Sulawesi and are mostly imported, they can be bred but are not being produced commercially. They do have babies and reports vary from one every couple of weeks to one a day for a week or so. The imported species are not properly identified so most information is very vague.


The White SpotRabbit snails like to eat biofilm, detritus, sinking pellets and occasionally plants. Some never touch plants while other eat small fine plants like baby tears. Care should be taken if introducing them to a planted tank.

Sexual Dimorphism

Monomorphic, no difference between males and females.


They will breed in your aquarium. You will usually see a white type egg in which a small snail will come out of. Some reports from wild caught snails have 10-15 babies with in weeks of arrival then nothing for several months. Other reports of species already in captivity will release an egg once every couple of weeks.

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