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Aqua Medic Helix Max 36 W

Aqua Medic Helix Max 36 W

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Helix Max

UV Sterilizer for aquariums

Aqua Medic is proud to now offer Helix Max UV Sterilizers. The helical flow path within the Helix Max is unique and has been carefully designed to maximize contact time and improve effectiveness. Housed and securely braced within a quartz glass tube, the high output UV lamp protects fish from disease and controls mold, bacteria, and algae. Helix Max UV Sterilizers are great for use in ponds for clarification and for disease control in freshwater and marine fish aquaria. Installing a UV sterilizer has never been easier. The Helix Max boasts rotating inlet and outlet end-caps to adjust to any angle and graduated fittings for integration to a variety of hose diameters without the use of adapters. All Helix Max use highly efficient sealed electronic ballasts for safe, reliable and worry-free operation. Using Ozone with your skimmer and a Carbolitrecator bypass filter, inline ahead of the Helix Max, will clarify the water entering the UV contact chamber. This clarification increases the UV's efficiency in terms of disease prevention and control while minimizing the required maintenance of the protective quartz glass sleeve.

Available models:

  • Helix Max 5 watt For aquaria up to 10-75 gallons
  • Helix Max 9 watt For aquaria up to 75-125 gallons
  • Helix Max 18 watt For aquaria up to 125-250 gallons
  • Helix Max 36 watt For aquaria up to 250-500 gallons
  • Helix Max 55 watt For aquaria up to 500-750 gallons