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Aquatop Cannister Filter W/UV CF500-UV

Aquatop Cannister Filter W/UV CF500-UV

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Aquatop Cannister Filter
Aquatop Cannister Filter W/UV CF500-UV

A popular choice for saltwater and freshwater aquarists, AQUATOP CF Canister Filter Series is a diverse line which includes two models with integrated UV Sterilization to eradicate unwanted algae and harmful disease causing pathogens (CF400-UV & CF500-UV). Each model of CF Canister Filter includes 3 fine filter pads for mechanical filtration, as well a convenient self-priming pump that eliminates manual siphoning. All models have an easy to use single valve to disconnect the Input and Output Lines for routine maintenance. The CF300 and CF400-UV each have three filtration media trays for complete customization while the CF500-UV has four media trays for increased filtering capacity
* 4+1 Stage Filtration, 9W UV
* Flow Rate: 525GPH
* Capacity: Up to 175gal
* Power: 55W
* Mechanical Filtration Media Included