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CO2 cylinder/tanks for pest exterminator -SUPER SALE PRICES-

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Cylinders are "fresh" (just made) usually with a DOT stamp date just a few days or weeks old.

Made in America by American workers: NOT imported

Size Capacity Height Diameter
2.5 lbs
2.5 lbs compressed CO2
14.1" 4.38"
5 lbs
5 lbs compressed CO2
17.5" 5.25"
10 lbs
10 lbs compressed CO2
20.25" 6.9"
20 lbs
20 lbs compressed CO2
27.13" 8.0"
50 lbs
50 lbs compressed CO2
52.63" 7.25"
NOTE: When measuring for height restrictions, add 1" for the regulator (meaning that, when installed, the top of the regulator is 1" higher than the top of the valve on the tank)

Only the 20lb & 50lb come with a black plastic handle.

To find a suitable place to refill, look in the yellow pages under: "welding gas supply", "beverage supply", "paintball supply" (note: "welding gas supply will usually be the cheapest) Beware of gas supply outlets that want to "lease" you a cylinder for 30-40 cents per day. Some gas supply outlets tell you they won't fill "your" tank, because they want to leverage you into buying or leasing a tank from them. Either tell them you have a "brand new" cylinder and don't want to exchange, or tell them you will simply shop elsewhere.
Why buy a new cylinder from us?
Because we have the lowest prices anywhere. And the quality is excellent, they are constructed of "brushed finish" aluminum alloy and have a top quality CGA320 Co2 brass valve.

Filled tanks: contact us for a place in your area to get them filled at the BEST price