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EcoTech Marine VorTech MP20 Pump W/Wave Driver

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP20 Pump W/Wave Driver

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EcoTech Marine

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The MP20 from EcEcoTech Marine has revolutionized reef aquarium propeller pumps. Ideally suited for aquariums smaller than 70 gallons, the MP20 produces unmatched broad yet gentle flow while placing the motor outside the tankpreserving the beauty of your aquarium and enhancing the health of your tanks ecosystem.

With all the electrical components outside the aquarium and a variety of easy-to-program modes, the VorTech is the safest, most versatile pump on the market. And, if your tank needs to grow, the MP20 can be upgraded to the MP40wproviding you wireless communication between your pumps and even more functionality and flow.

Operational Modes

Feed Mode - Slows down your pump for 10 minutes to allow you to feed your aquarium.

Constant Speed Mode - The pump runs at a constant speed you set based on your aquariums specific needs.

Reef Crest Mode - Simulate the high-energy conditions of a natural reef crest environment.

Lagoon Mode - Simulate a calmer, lagoon reef environment.

Pulse Mode - Create a natural reef flow pattern by pulsing the water at a specific speed and frequency.

Optional Battery Backup - Keeps the circulation going during power failure for up to 30 hours.

Flow: 500-2000 gallons per hour
Power Consumption: 6-18 watts
Maximum Motor Temperature: 50-60 degrees Celsius
Aquarium Wall Thickness Range: 3/16-3/4
Appropriate Tank Size Range: 20-70 gallons
Dimensions: Wet Side- 3 diameter by 2.25 long, Dry Side- 3 diameter by 2.25 long
Clearance Needed Behind Aquarium: 3