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Eheim Biological Filter Media

Eheim Biological Filter Media

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EHEIM filter media
for crystal-clear, healthy water in your aquarium

Biological filtration:

After the first treatment through mechanical filter media, the biological filter media take on the perhaps most important task in the filter. The colonization of useful purification bacteria produces bacteria colonies which live on all kinds of particles of dirt and metabolize these substances which are critical for the aquarium. The main function of the biological filter material is to provide optimum colonization conditions for the important purification bacteria. The best possible surface structure enables EHEIM biological filter media to achieve this. Bacteria invisible to our eyes colonize these structures particularly well and ensure stable conditions in the tank. The bulk density to surface ratio is decisive for this process. Therefore we recommend that you never clean or replace all the biological filter material in one process. That would destroy the colonization or delay re-colonization. The filter baskets in external canister filters and the aquaball filter modules are perfect for partial cleaning.

EHEIM substrat pro: Bio filter medium for best biological decomposition efficiency
Packing size 0.25 l, 1 l, 2 l and 5 l

After the mechanical treatment of the water by EHEIM Mech, substrat pro offers perfect colonization conditions to the important purification bacteria through the high bulk density of the spherical shape (full utilization of the volume) and the perfect surface structure (maximum number of bacteria on each sphere). This combination provides the maximum number of purification bacteria which ensure clear, healthy water, stable water values and longer service life of the filter. substrat pro reduces the peak nitrite loads better, can be rinsed out and can be used several times.
EHEIM substrat: Bio filter medium with high biological performance
Packing sizes: 1 l, 2 l and 5 l

After the mechanical treatment of the water by EHEIM Mech, the water is biologically filtered with EHEIM substrat in one or several layers. substrat is a highly porous filter medium consisting of sintered glass. Its surface structure offers excellent colonization conditions to the important purification bacteria. The adhesive surface amounts to 450 sq. m per liter, thus biologically filtering the water. EHEIM substrat can be rinsed out and can be used several times.

EHEIM Lav: Natural extrusive rocks for biological filtration
Packing size: 1 l, 5 l

EHEIM LAV consists of natural extrusive rocks of volcanic origin. Its rough surface structure offers good colonization conditions to the useful purification bacteria. The natural origin is the reason for the different sizes and shapes in the packaging. EHEIM LAV can be rinsed out and reused.