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Giesemann Powerchrome Lagoon Blue

Giesemann Powerchrome Lagoon Blue

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Giesemann Powerchrome Lagoon Blue


LAGOON BLUE is a high-power T5 tube with a strong and stable spectrum for lighting reef aquariums, thereby ensuring fascinating colour effects and glorious coral growth. This new lighting colour with a turquoise and white spectrum is the perfect complement to our tried and tested POWERCHROME T-5 series, and is especially suited to producing beautiful colour effects when combined with the ACTINIC+ or the AQUABLUE+.

LAGOON BLUE is available in 24, 39, 54 and 80 watt versions, as standard for the entire Powerchrome T-5 series
The Lagoon Blue Powerchrome T5 bulb is a new lamp color from Giesemann which is designed to complement the other blue lamps in the Powerchrome series. Like the Aquablue+ and Actinic lamps, the Giesemann Powerchrome Lagoon Blue lamp is a blue fluorescent lamp which is described as being a strong turquoise color with a high component of white spectrum. The Powerchrome Lagoon Blue was designed to stimulate good coral growth, as well as providing a slightly different shade from the teal, blue and near-purple lamps currently available.