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Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' Pot

Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' Pot

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Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' is a dwarf variety of Hygrophila corymbosa. Large leaves are densely packed on the stems of Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' making it an ideal choice for foreground areas or midground areas in the aquarium. Make sure to keep Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' properly trimmed to allow light to the lower leaves for the best look.
  • Common Name: Coymbosa Compact
  • Family Name: Acanthaceae
  • Native To: Hybrid
  • Lighting: Medium-High
  • pH: 5.5-8
  • Growth Demands: Moderate
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Front-Midground
  • Available As: Potted

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