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Innovative Marine Skkye Light - Clamp 8 Watt #6104 (Black)

Innovative Marine Skkye Light - Clamp 8 Watt #6104 (Black)

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The new stylishly slim aluminum arm is sure to turn heads with itslow 3mm thickness and robust light output. The perfect choice for any rimless aquarium with a thickness of 9mm or less and offered with daylight and moonlighting LEDs in a space saving form factor for pure minimalism. Each clamp boasts powerful light output in a 8 watt version for pico and nano tanks with power cord channel and independent power cords for timer usage.


  • 8 watt Skkye Light Clamp LED llumination
  • Daylight and Moonlight
  • Aluminum Arm
  • Rimless Clamp (up to 9mm) thickness
  • Independent Power Cords
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Modern Design
  • Low Profile