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Nerite Tiger Snail (10 per order)

Nerite Tiger Snail (10 per order)

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General Information

The Tiger nerite snail is another great addition to your planted tank. They have a very colorful appearance with their black and gold stripping. They are peaceful snails. Sometimes when first introduced into your tank they will try to climb out. They are in search of salt water to breed, make sure you have a tight lid.


Tiger nerite snails are not fussy what they eat. Their primary diet is algae but will take anything your offer will be greatly received, algae wafers, blanched vegetables such as courgette and spinach, brussel sprouts, cucumber, fish flakes, shrimp pellets, red peppers and so on they are a great little shrimp to keep and very very easy.

Sexual Dimorphism

Monomorphic, no difference between males and females.


They will not breed in your aquarium. Like other nerites they require salt water in order to reproduce.