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New Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400 Flow Pump

New Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400 Flow Pump

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New Hydor Koralia Evolution 1400 Flow Pump

* Submersible water pump provides vital water movement
* Connect to a timer for custom aquarium water movement
* Improve aquarium water circulation with less energy use

NEWLY upgraded next generation Koralia pumps boast greater energy-efficiency and enhanced features. Improved impeller design boosts flow rate and reinforced nose cone cover offers greater protection against breakage. Higher efficiency Hydor Koralia Evolution pumps generate more water flow using less energy. Shaft-less impeller boasts unique design for wide and gentle water flow beneficial to aquarium inhabitants. Connect the timer-controllable circulation pump to a timer or wavemaker for custom aquarium water movement.

Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps feature a patented magnetic base with articulating ball joint for full, 360-degree range of convenient pump positions. Direct vital water movement to areas of your aquarium never possible with conventional powerheads. Suction cup and magnet mounting system measures 2-3/4" diameter and is suitable for aquarium glass up to 1/2" thick.

Note: Please verify that all components of the pump are undamaged before putting it into function. To prevent noise and disturbance caused by vibrations, position the pump so it avoids lateral contact with the aquarium glass. Avoid placing the Koralia Evolution in an upward position on the bottom.

* Unwind the electric cable.
* Insert the cylinder on the sphere attachment to the pump in the proper slot.
* Immerse the pump completely and turn it in a vertical position in order to allow any air to come out of the impeller chamber.
* Attach the pump with the internal part of the suction cup and magnet support to the aquarium side. Be sure to clean the surface before attaching the support.
* Adjust flow direction as desired.
* Connect to electrical supply.

Note: Before any kind of intervention, always disconnect electrical supply of the pump and any other appliance placed in the water.

* Regular cleaning and maintenance will guarantee the pump better and longer performance.
* With one hand, hold the pump assembly. Use your other hand to remove the external magnet.
* Disassemble the unit.
* Clean the impeller assembly, the chamber and the bearings removing deposits with a soft brush. Do not use detergents or solvents.
* If necessary, clean the grid of the lower and upper chamber by putting it under running tap water or using a soft brush to remove algae and other residue.
* Reassemble everything in reverse order.
* Make sure that the bearings are positioned correctly, allowing the rotor correct axial movement. Make sure the rotor holder is placed correctly.
* In case of abnormal noise and reduced performance caused by sudden changes in electricity supply, restart the pump.

General Information
The Koralia Evolution is a new innovative range of circulation pumps for aquariums. The exclusive Hydor design and technology guarantee a continuous and powerful water flow, which can be directed freely thanks to the special sphere shaped connection to the exclusive combination suction cup and magnet support. The Koralia Evolution boasts high performance, low energy consumption and quick and easy maintenance. The combination suction cup and magnet can safely hold the Koralia Evolution pumps onto aquarium glass up to 1/2 inch thick.

Note: Koralia Evolution pumps are specially designed for use in aquariums and tanks for water movement. It is not a filtration pump.

Hydor Koralia Evolution:
* Length: (inside aquarium) 5-3/8"
* Total Length: (including external magnet mount base) 5-3/4"
* Width: 2-7/8"
* Height: 3"