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Rena FILSTAR xP-XL Canister Filter
Rena FILSTAR xP-XL Canister Filter

Rena FILSTAR xP-XL Canister Filter

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Filstar xP-XL

RENA Canister Filters

API FILSTAR xP CANISTER FILTER Advanced technology, superior design, large media capacity, strong flow rates and solid construction make the API FILSTAR xP Series Canister Filters a very reliable and easy to-maintain canister filter. Full color instruction book for easy step-by-step set up. Self-priming, for fast and easy maintenance- no pumping necessary. Contents of the box: 1 API FILSTAR xP-XL2 Flexible tubes 59" (1,5m) 1 Set of accessories (inlet and outlet tubes, goose neck, suction cups), Illustrated instructions, 1 30ppi foam for removal of finer debris, 1 20ppi foam: Bio-Chem Stars for superior biological filtration. Grows massive colonies of beneficial nitrifying bacteria. API Bio-Chem Zorb Size 6: superior resins & activated carbon. Cleans & Clears aquarium water, 1 micro filtration pad for ultra-fine filtration and polishing.

Specifications: Flow-rate: 450 U.S. GAL/h (1700 L/h) Aquarium volume: up to 265 U.S. GAL (1000L) Canister volume: 3 U.S. GAL (11.5 L) Water-flow with filtration media and accessories: 190 U.S. GAL/h (719 L/h), Number of filter baskets: 4, Power: 31W