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SMART UV Sterilizer 2" Body 40watt

SMART UV Sterilizer 3" Body 40 watt

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The SMART UV Lite features the same durable "UV-resistant" construction as the SMART UV, but utilizes a smaller diameter body (3"). They are watertight and can be used indoors or outdoors. Units include standard GPH/T5 style UV lamps, remote power supply and instructions.

All UV lights have 11/2" slip inlets/outlets. Units are 115V/60 Hz and have a one year warranty on ballasts, limited lifetime warranty on the housing and 90-day warranty on lamps. Vessel mounting clamps are not included. Made in USA.

Max Aquarium Size 200 Gal

Note: Fluence (UV Dose) calculated using UVT factors of 90% T and UV lamps at the end of their useful lamp life (12,000-hours).