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SpectraPure Coffee Lovers System 90gpd

SpectraPure Coffee Lovers System 90gpd

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SpectraPure Coffee Lovers Drinking Water System - 90gpd 5-Stage w/ Permeate Pump, 4gal Tank, Air-Gap Faucet and 10in Filters

SpectraPure's Coffee Lovers' System is designed especially for sensitive or critical brewing applications such as espresso, tea or coffee where you want the utmost in taste. Using SpectraPure's unique Patented Dual-Pass Technology (US Patent 7,303,666), SpectraPure's Coffee Lovers' System produces deliciously pure water with controlled pH and mineral content at levels especially optimized for perfect brewing and drinking.

SpectraPure's exclusive Dual-Pass Technology (US Patent 7,303,666) purifies and re-mineralizes your water twice to make sure only the freshest and best quality water is used in your brewing application each and every time you turn on the tap. Each system comes with all the hardware needed for installation including fittings, standard adapters, pressurized storage tank, installation manual and tubing. An optional booster pump is available for low pressure supply areas. Can be easily installed either by the do-it yourself or a local plumber. The Coffee Lovers' System reliably produces water having TDS of about 50, and a pH of approximately 8.

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SpectraPure was established in 1985 and is located in Tempe, Arizona, home of Arizona State University. SpectraPure is dedicated to excellence in the design and manufacture of water filtration and purification systems for household, commercial, laboratory and light industrial applications. Their product lines includes a full range of systems and equipment, including drinking water systems, water softeners, filtration systems, reverse osmosis units, RO/DI and deionization systems and many other technological innovations and water purification accessories. SpectraPure provides innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to water purity problems and applications.