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SpectraPure Deluxe CSPDI 180 gpd

SpectraPure Deluxe CSPDI 180 gpd

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(CSPDI) SYSTEM SpectraPure CSP-DI Systems feature SpectraSelect TFC membranes (guaranteed >98% rejection), a 0.5 m MicroTec sediment filter, and a 0.5 m Carbon Block Pre-Filter (for greatly enhanced membrane life), plus a 33% larger capacity SilicaBuster 10 DI cartridge. The TDS Monitor tells when its time to change the RO membrane DI cartridge. The standard pressure gauge and clear filter housings mean better visibility to system performance. Also included is a filter wrench and a 3/4 garden hose adapter. SpectraSelect TFC Membrane - hand selected and guaranteed greater than 98% rejection The best pre-filtration available: - High-efficiency micron MicroTec Sediment Pre-filter - micron carbon block pre-filter (20,000 gallon chlorine removal capacity) SilicaBuster DI Cartridge with semi- conductor grade resins Pressure gauge and electronic purity monitor Filter wrench and brass garden hose adapter Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 16