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Spectrapure Maxcap 180 GPD RO/DI 20 inch Filters

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SpectraPure 180gpd MAXCAP RODI System w/ Manual Flush Valve incorporates two 90gpd high-silicate removal TFC membranes, 0.5 micron MicroTec Sediment and 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filters, plus the new 33% greater capacity MAXCAP and SilicaBuster SuperDI DI Cartridges. Manual flush valve, ASO Valve and Float Valve are included, and two Dual-Probe Inline TDS Monitors measure water purity at 4 different points in the system. You can be always be assured of Zero-TDS product water. These systems maximize pure water production through application of the laboratory grade resins used in our specialty deionization cartridges, providing 99.95% Silica Removal and Extended DI Cartridge Life. Ultra-high purity DI water at a half the cost!

SpectraPure MAXCAP RO/DI Systems
SpectraPure MAXCAP RO/DI Systems incorporate our SpectraPure Membrane. It also is the highest rejection rate available at 98%. Used in combination with our MAXCAP DI and silica-removal deionizing cartridges, this system provides the ultimate removal of algae promoting substances, including colloidal silica, and the longest deionizing cartridge life, significantly reducing the cost of operation. This is water purification at its best, an RO/DI system designed to continuously produce economical ultra-pure water.

This super capacity DI system consists of a newly developed MAXCAP DI Cartridge, with over three times as much contaminate removal capacity than any other Mixed-Bed DI cartridge. The final stage consists of our Silica-Buster DI cartridge, with two, dual inline electronic purity monitors to determine the performance of the RO membrane as well as the DI exhaustion points. While competitors claim ZERO TDS, don't be fooled by limitations of most inexpensive DI Systems. Besides, it just makes sense. Two stages of high quality DI cartridges definitely will produce higher purity water more reliably over the life of the cartridges than any single stage.

MAXCAP RO/DI Systems are equipped with the finest pre-filtration 0.5 micron MicroTec pre-filters, and 20,000 ppm-gallon chlorine/chloramine capacity carbon block pre-filters. Clear filter housings and a standard pressure gauge provide better visibility of system performance. No more guessing about plugged pre-filters. Also included is a filter wrench and a 3/4" garden hose adapter.

Our premium grade filters (as used in the MAXCAP RO/DI) are a significant upgrade in performance and capacity. Each of our premium grade filters has been extensively tested in the worst case locations to insure performance, capacity, and reliability. If you have excellent tap water (a rarity these days, but it still happens in some places in the US ) you may be able to scrimp on pre-filtration, but we see that as the exception in most locations, and thus recommend you purchase the best pre filtration you can afford. As important as pre filtration is to removal of contaminants and the life of your expensive RO membrane (and subsequently the life of your DI cartridges) we think that for ultimate performance and lower cost of ownership over the production life of your membrane that you should always use the best pre-filtration available.

Caution: DI cartridge life is greatly reduced when operated on low pH waters or water with high CO2 levels. Aeration or de-gasification of RO product water is recommended for removal of carbon dioxide prior to the DI section.