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Spectrapure Maxcap 180 GPD RO/DI Unit

Spectrapure Maxcap 180 GPD RO/DI Unit

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SpectraPure 180gpd MAXCAP RODI System incorporates two 90gpd high-silicate removal TFC membranes, 0.5 micron MicroTec Sediment and 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filters, with MAXCAP and SilicaBuster DI Cartridges. Two Dual-Probe Inline TDS Monitors measure water purity at 4 different points in the system. You can be always be assured of Zero-TDS product water. These systems maximize pure water production through application of the laboratory grade resins used in our specialty deionization cartridges, providing 99.95% Silica Removal and Extended DI Cartridge Life. Ultra-high purity DI water at a half the cost!