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Staurogyne repens (Potted)
Staurogyne repens

Staurogyne repens (Potted)

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Staurogyne repens was first traded worldwide commercially in 2006.

Staurogyne repens is a green stemmed plant that resembles Hygrophila. Unlike the Hygrophila, Staurogyne repens is dwarf in size and sends stems out laterally to form a carpet similar to dwarf baby tears.

Staurogyne repens is a fresh green, compact and hardy plant for the foreground of the aquarium and it was found in River Rio Cristalino in the southern Amazonas. Its nearest relative in the aquaristic is Hygrophila but Staurogyne is different with its compact, low height and bushy and small green leaves.

Low and bushy stature: 2" to 4"



Color: Green leaves

2" potted plant with around 3 or more plants per pot.