Red Root Floater Phyllanthus Fluitans - portion cup
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 Red Root Floaters are a small floating fern with red roots that hang down about 1/4" to an inch.

By doing this, they will block light below and help prevent unwanted algae growth. These floaters will also help remove biological waste and other contaminants from your tank water.

They can survive in high humidity, so if you have a lid on your aquarium instead of open top, they will still do good. 

They range in color from green to red to pink and in the right conditions they will get tiny little white flowers. In low light, the leaves will be green and smaller. Under high light is when you will get the reds and pink color from them. 

They propagate by growing out side shoots which have additional leaves on them. they can then break away and become separate plants. The reason we like them a lot are because the leaves are dime sized each so if you get too many plants you can easily remove them unlike something with really tiny leaves like duckweed.

Ideally you only want your floating plants to cover from 1/3 to 1/2 the surface area of your aquarium. If you want to keep them in a specific area like over some low light plants, one idea is to take some airline tubing, make a loop around the plants and attach to aquarium with some suction cups. Red root floaters do not like too much surface agitation. They suck up nutrient from the aquarium which can be good but if they start to die or get pinholes in the leaves or start melting away, you will need to dose with some fertilizer to keep them happy.

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    Red Root Floater

    Posted by Ickyfritz on Dec 31st 2021

    These plants arrived in great condition and with a good red color. The bettas love prowling in the roots.