Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor Dual CR-140D (NO FREE FREIGHT)

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About This Product

Item #: OCT-CR140D Includes one piece screw off lid. Reverse flow, check valve, pump included. Large grade media must be used. Rating: Up to 400 gallons. Diameter = 6.5 " Height = 24" Click for Rector Diagram Click for Reactor Instructions Co2 Regulator Gauges Item #: OCT-CO2 Includes electronic solenoid Super Size Calcium Reactor Item #: OCT-CRSS Includes Reeflo Snapper pump Digital Kalk Master 6 Item#: OPS-KLKMAST Controlled by Kalkwaisser stirrer. Controls both speed and time. Has screw off cap to add kalk and water without taking the sealed flange apart. Height: 22 tall. 6 Diameter Kalk Mixer Item#: OPS-KLKMIX Pump driven Kalkwaisser mixer. Pump mounted under reactor for small space saving unit. Height: 26 tall. Kalk Reactor Item#: OCT-KR100 Item#: OCT-KR140 Available in a 4" or 6" model. Height: 20" tall Zeovit Reactor Item#: OCT-ZF140