Reef Octopus CR-140D Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor

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About This Product

  • Includes one piece screw off lid.
  • Reverse flow, Check valve included
  • Pump included
  • Large grade media must be used.
  • Rating: Up to 400 gallons.
  • Diameter = 6.5 " Height = 24"

Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor
Newly designed calcium reactor has many advanced features and a great price! The new Reef Octopus uses a reverse flow design for better efficiency. Helps maintain calcium and alkalinity in reef aquariums. Bubble counter, check valve, pump and hook-up tubing included. Aragonite media and CO2 system required for proper operation (see below).

Dual chamber design allows the reactor effluent to degas even further by flowing through the second chamber of media. This is especially beneficial in terms of keeping your pH more stable. In some reef aquariums that have a high calcium demand, running a calcium reactor at capacity can cause a drop in pH. The second chamber helps avoid this problem.