Reef Octopus Waste Collector with Auto Shutoff

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Reef Octopus Waste Collector with Auto Shutoff

Put an end to smelly collections of skimmate while providing a safety net in the chance that your skimmer may overflow. Decrease the redundancy of emptying your collection cup. This 3-in-one device by collecting large volumes of skimmate, controls the smell of pungent skimmate and is equipped with a fail safe mechanism to shut off overflowing skimmers. The vented carbon housing easily removes for quick carbon exchanges.

Auto Collection ContainerItem #: OCT-WC140

  • Reef Octopus 6″ Auto Waste Collector
  • Overflow Safety Switch
  • Carbon Vent Container
  • Holds Approximately 15 cups/120 oz/3600 ml
  • Height: 21.75″
  • Footprint: 8.3″ x 8.3″
  • Single Outlet

Auto Collection Container LidAuto Collection Safety Switch