Rotala Wallichii (Rotala wallichii)

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About This Product

A beautiful, lush, fine-needled plant. This plant's coloring is more pink than the gold reflected in the picture. This plant is moderately hardy.
  • Common Name: Rotala wallichii
  • Family Name: Lythraceae
  • Native To: Asia
  • Lighting: Medium-High
  • pH: 5-7
  • Growth Demands: Difficult
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Midground
  • Available As: Bunch

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Thank you!

    Posted by april foster on Sep 29th 2017

    Hi from Fish Tank Addicts on Facebook! I received my very large order today and was extremely pleased. All of my plants were packaged really well, decent bunches, and those in the pots were decent sized as well. I also received some duckweed which I didn't order on many of the potted plants. It will be nice in my pond and betta tanks. The only issues I had were shipping was charged to my card and from my understanding if in Ky, and order amount exceeds $175, I qualified for free ground shipping. Another issue was the hornwort had barely any good stems, and it was a mess in the towel. I'm hoping the tiny bits I was able to add to my tank takes hold and starts growing. Other than that, great service, id order again &refer the company. If online advertising is of interest to the company owner, contact me on FB, I have one of the best fish groups online with 55K fish hobbyist in my group that love aquatic plants.

  • 5

    Posted by joseph yungk on May 23rd 2015

    My plants all arrived in excellent condition, bigger and more than I expected. Wallichii was slightly brown for a few hours. To my surprise it reached a full range of light green to copper and peach by the evening. Within 48 hours I have up to an inch of dense growth at each tip. fantastic plant, hardy and beautiful, excellent source I'm sold on these guys.

  • 5

    Posted by Jo on May 17th 2015

    This plant is even more beautiful than I expected it to be. The plants arrived in great condition, planted easily and have started to grow fresh and green from the top. Very nice!

  • 5
    As expected.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26th 2013

    I recieved a bunch of several stems, all in good condition, about 6 inches high. Redder than the photo, which is how it is supposed to look, so I was happy with that. There is fresh green growth at the top too. Expect it will do well.

  • 5
    So purdy!

    Posted by Maegen Benton on Nov 9th 2012

    It arrived in perfect condition. Lots of stems and bright colors. Not damaged and I hope they take off in my big fish tank.

  • 3
    Slow grower

    Posted by chris robbins on Mar 27th 2012

    Looked really good when I first got it in my tank, but quickly turned a brownish red color and most of the needles fell off. It is regrowing now, but not very fast. Hoping that it survives and starts looking like the picture

  • 3
    Rotala Wallichii (Rotala wallichii)

    Posted by Julie Weis on Aug 22nd 2011

    This arrived in good shape, however it had bits of some sort of undesirable moss tangled in it. Took me a while to pick out the pieces. Once planted though it is doing well and growing well in a high tech environment.

  • 5
    Great quality!

    Posted by Justin on Nov 11th 2010

    Plants arrived quickly. Perfectly packed and shipped! All 4 bunches showed up looking like they just came out of the tank on the other end. No dead leaves period. Beautiful color, and very full stems. Such a hard plant to find, and an even harder plant to ship due to the fine leaves. Great job! Will definitely continue to look to for all my aquatic plants.

  • 5
    Another Supposedly Difficult Plant That's Not

    Posted by David Smith on Mar 29th 2010

    I bought this plant along with a Madagascar Lace plant, both supposedly difficult to grow. Both seem to be easy to grow. The Rotala wallichii arrived in great condition and is a beautiful pinkish red at its ends. It has begun to branch and already has a strong root system. In the future I'm going to disregard the difficulty ratings and just try whatever catches my eye.

  • 5
    One of my favorites

    Posted by Eric Bond on Oct 17th 2009

    This is such a beautiful plant. It adds a delicate touch to your aqaurium. The leaves are soft and feathery to the touch and the color is really nice. Love it!

  • 4
    Wallichii-Colored up nicely and didn't fall apart!

    Posted by Dawn on Aug 14th 2009

    Arrived in groups of 5 stems per bunch that were just under 5" in length. This is my first experience with this plant and at first when I opened my order I thought uh's brown (must be dead), but after reading about it came to find that it will normally color back up once it's in the water...and thankfully this was the case with mine. The coloration once planted was unique to me, as it appears to be a green stem with brownish/pink to red tinged leaves. The leaves of this plant remind me to that of a pine tree (needle-like without the pricklyness). I'm hopeful that it will turn into the truer gorgeous pink-red coloration that I have seen in photos.

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    nice delicate texture... but no "pink" color

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 13th 2009

    I have had this plant ~1 month now. It is ~5 inches tall x ~2.5 inches wide. I put it in a plastic plant anchor that I also bought from this website and would recommend for any bunched plants. It has a very soft, delicate texture that is a nice contrast to my other plants. However, it is a green-brownish color and has not yet displayed the pink hues in the photo. It could be my lighting and I recently moved it to the front and center of my tank to see if that makes a difference. If you want a plant with pink-reddish color I would recommend something else.