Sword Amazon "Giant Mother Plant" (Echinodorus bleheri) (15"-24+" from crown)

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Amazon Sword "Giant Mother Plant" (Echinodorus bleheri)

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Amazon Sword


South America


6 - 9





Mid - Background

Bare Root, Potted
These "Giant Mother Plants" are a great value...they make for a nice centerpiece in bigger aquariums...These are phenomenal looking plants grown submerged in a 5" - 6" pot unless otherwise noted. Usually these plants average 24 leaves plus and 20" and up in length. Looking for a beautiful center piece or want to fill in a background? You must try these plants, we are the only importer in North America that offers beauties of this size for this price! (Check out all of our other XXL & Giant Mother Plants!)
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  • 5

    Posted by Cappy on Mar 6th 2012

    This plant is huge and in excellent condition. It also arrived with 6 small to medium sized babies propagating off of it!

  • 5
    Biggest plant I've ever seen!

    Posted by davidᅠdavis on Jan 24th 2009

    This thing is amazing! It is by far the biggest and healthiest aquarium plant of any type that I've ever seen. Well worth the money!!

  • 5
    Holy amazon sword

    Posted by PhilipᅠToppo on Dec 11th 2008

    This thing is GIGANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! It fills up nicely as the center piece in my 120gal High. I would suggest not buying this unless you have a tall aquarium. It cam in with lots of little plants already growing.

  • 5
    Oh My Gosh!!!

    Posted by JohnᅠRowedder on Sep 11th 2008

    Fellow customers let me tell you that this beautiful amazon sword is HUGE!!!!! Make sure you have plenty of room for this beauty to grow. I have mine in a 150 gallon cube aquarium, I had to split it in two to keep it submerged. All I can say is WOW!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 28th 2008

    The picture doesn't lie. It came and was everything i could ever imagine. Only problem is i have a 30gal and it was a little tough getting it all to fit. It also came with about 100 little tiny plants growing off it. If you need a big plant this is definitely worth the money. First plant i'll order when i get my next bigger tank.

  • 5
    amazing amozon mother

    Posted by Lauraᅠand Orlando Morales on Feb 27th 2007

    This was the best expieriance I ve ever had with online plant buying. I bought 2 mother plants for my 150 high and they are of amazing quality. The best Ive ever seen. You cant go wrong with one of these, or 2.

  • 5
    Wonderful Plant

    Posted by TIMOTHYᅠGEARHART on Feb 25th 2007

    Purchased a mother Plant for my 90 gallon tank. Was exstreamly suprised with the size and condition of the plant. Great deal could not even come close in quality or size in this part of Texas. Would recomend a mother plant to any one with a 90 gallon or larger for center piece. Thanks for all your advise.