Sword Ozelot green "Giant Mother Plant" (Echinodorus 'ozelot' green) (size varies)

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3.10 LBS
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Common Name: Ozelot Sword green

Family Name: Alismataceae

Native To: Hybrid

Lighting: Medium

pH: 6-8

Growth Demands: Easy

Growth Form: Rosette

Growth Rate: Fast

True Aquatic: Yes

Placement In Tank: Mid-Background

Available As: Potted


These "Giant Mother Plants" are a great value...they make for a nice centerpiece in bigger aquariums...These are phenomenal looking plants grown submerged in a 5" - 6" pot unless otherwise noted. Usually these plants average 24 leaves plus and 20" and up in length. Looking for a beautiful center piece or want to fill in a background? You must try these plants, we are the only importer in North America that offers beauties of this size for this price! (Check out all of our other XXL & Giant Mother Plants!)

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