Sword Red Flame (Echinodorus Red Flame)

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Sword, Red Flame (Echinodorus Red Flame)

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Red Flame


South America


6 - 9





Mid - Background

Bare Root, Potted

Large, beautiful bright green & red coloration. Needs a rich substrate (root nutrients). This plant is undemanding and beautiful. A nutritious bottom promotes growth, but the plant needs pruning to prevent it depriving plants underneath of light. Echinodorus Red flame does well even in poorly illuminated aquariums, as it grows towards the light. It is a hardy and easy solitary plant for both beginners and the more experienced with quite large aquariums.

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  • 5
    Very red

    Posted by Ronald Woernle on Jun 9th 2022

    Beautiful plant and well packaged. Thanks

  • 5
    Beautiful specimen!

    Posted by Josh on Dec 25th 2021

    Plant arrived and looks great. It was about 10" , all leaves healthy, and good roots. 2 weeks later it's sprouting new leaves and doing well. The plant itself it a beautiful plant with reddish green colored leaves and is now the centerpiece of my 29G.

  • 5
    Red Sword Flame

    Posted by Retired Navy on Oct 2nd 2021

    I love this plant! You can see the beautiful red and green dance so well together in this plant. I ordered the mother and I wish I would have ordered more of them. The price was affordable, the size was really nice for my 200g. 2ft tall aquarium. The plant almost reached the top of the aquarium! The leaves were very wide. The plant was strong, healthy, vibrant colors, and long roots to explore planting options. I have had it for over a month and it is growing very well along with all the other orders (past, and present). Investing in purchasing most of my plants from here makes me feel like I should only purchase from here. The package arrived on time, professionally packed, email confirmation throughout the process, and the customer service was friendly. I'm just happy I found affordable healthy aquarium plants, and I hope they're always be affordable, large, quality plants with long roots for me to purchase as time goes by.

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Davison on Feb 3rd 2015

    I bought a few different swords to see what works in my tank. This one is beautiful and I hope it makes it. I'm so hit n miss on swords. I have a Ruben that has turned into 4 giant plants now and a basic sword that I can't keep going at all. I sure hope this one flourishes Day 3 and the colors are popping! Wow