Sword Vesuvius Pot (Echinodorus Angustifolia 'Vesuvius')

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A new plant to the hobby that is rarely available. The "twisty" sword has a unique appearance. The leaves twist and curl as they grow straight up to a maximum height of about twelve inches. Great mid ground plant. Reproduces by runners. Easy to grow under moderate or better light. Plants are small with shallow roots. Price is based on the rarity of the plant

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    Annoyed Originally.

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 8th 2012

    Annoyed originally... Figured there would be multiple plants in one pot. There was only one. Pleasantly surprised this thing threw off runners within the first two weeks and I have already started 6 new plants from the main one after only a month. Beautiful plant! Very nice size pot despite my selfishness in wanting more then one plant in the pot!

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    Small on Arrival but Growing

    Posted by Ross on Aug 22nd 2012

    The plants I received were quite small, but are already sending out a couple of runners and sprouting new leaves. I suspect it will not take long for this plant to grow and fill a corner and side of my tank as I want it too. The leaves were too short to be curly as in the photos, but the new leaves have the disticnt curl.

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    Verrrrrry Interrrrresting!

    Posted by Huw Powell on Jun 28th 2011

    Received one of these about 2 weeks ago with my third order from this great operation. Although apologize for the "price due to rarity", it's in line with, say, most Anubias species. I got a tight bunch of leaves about 4" tall with a bunch of roots. Within days it sent out a runner, which is now hard to diagram in text - it's about 3" long to the next node, and sent out another "forward" and two more at 90 degrees. And another forward. And one of the sideways ones is trying to colonize my Crypt. balansae zone. It is growing new leaves that are 6-8" tall. I suspect that in a year it will have taken over my entire tank. 75 g with 6x28w t5 lighting, fertilizer pellets, no "real" co2 but I've been using co2booster lately. Executive summary: a wonderful healthy plant that seems to want to propagate insanely just as advertised. June 28 update: limited to 1000 ch. 12" leaves check. Not 'runners' but side stalks like other swords.

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    Nice Plant!!!

    Posted by Timothy Haut on May 3rd 2011

    I just recieved this plant potted, it was wrapped very well and the plant had a good root system, the foliage was about 4 inches tall and bright green. This plant is in a high light tank w/o CO2 and only gets ferts once a week, I will let you know if any problems arise. So far this plant is holding it's own and still bright green in a tight twist of floiage, right now a Kuhli Loach has intertwined itself with the plant, although it looks happy it appears to be a slow grower and I may try root tabs if no growth is recorded but it has only been a week.

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    very unique

    Posted by jason nay on Jan 7th 2011

    arrived in excellent condition about 10" tall. great root system. adds great variety to your tank.

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    Posted by Jarred Barbour on Dec 2nd 2010

    This plant is amazing! I ordered two of them and they both came far taller than i would have expected and in superb condition. They have brought a very unique contrast to the tank have given a great spot to hide equipment.

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    Awesome Plant

    Posted by Charles Knutson on Dec 31st 1969

    Ships great. I bought 3 and within the first week they all had lots of growth and runners. I now have 7 baby plants that I have cut loose and replanted