Sword Vesuvius Pot (Echinodorus Angustifolia 'Vesuvius')

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A new plant to the hobby that is rarely available. The "twisty" sword has a unique appearance. The leaves twist and curl as they grow straight up to a maximum height of about twelve inches. Great mid ground plant. Reproduces by runners. Easy to grow under moderate or better light. Plants are small with shallow roots. Price is based on the rarity of the plant

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    Posted by Jarred Barbour on Dec 2nd 2010

    This plant is amazing! I ordered two of them and they both came far taller than i would have expected and in superb condition. They have brought a very unique contrast to the tank have given a great spot to hide equipment.

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    Awesome Plant

    Posted by Charles Knutson on Dec 31st 1969

    Ships great. I bought 3 and within the first week they all had lots of growth and runners. I now have 7 baby plants that I have cut loose and replanted