Telanthera Rosefolia (Alternanthera reineckii)

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About This Product

Alternanthera reineckii var. 'roseafolia' is a very decorative "red" plant. Alternanthera reineckii has a bronze color on top of the leaf and the deep purple colored underside of the leaf. Alternanthera reineckii offers a nice contrast to the mostly green plants in an aquarium. Although most red aquarium plants are somewhat difficult to grow in an aquarium, Alternanthera reineckii is relatively easy. With adequate light and fertilizer Alternanthera reineckii grows vigorously and with good color.

  • Common Name: Rosefolia
  • Family Name: Amaranthaceae
  • Native To: South America
  • Lighting: Medium-High
  • pH: 6-8
  • Growth Demands: Medium
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Midground
  • Available As: Bunch

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Telanthera Rosefolia (Alternanthera Reineckiii)

    Posted by Paul Wallace on Nov 15th 2021

    This plant came in good condition, since immersed in substrate seems to be doing well , growing producing new leaves.

  • 3
    Plant quality

    Posted by Jerry on Nov 5th 2021

    poor rooting and no flower yet.

  • 5
    Can't wait for these to take off

    Posted by Chris on Mar 21st 2021

    My first planned tank and these are very easy to care for. 2 weeks in and they have sprouted a ton of roots and a few off shoots. Love the splash of red in the tank even with no CO². Can't wait for them to take off and start trimming

  • 5
    Alternanthera reineckii

    Posted by Milica NIKOLOV on Oct 26th 2020

    This is a beautiful plant and it is doing great in my no co2 low tech aquarium. It arrived in great condition.

  • 4
    Colorful, But I Didn't Use It

    Posted by Cindy S on Jul 24th 2020

    Once I got it I didn't use it. It reminded me more of a weed. Maybe it looks good in other aquariums, but it wasn't the look I was going for. I am keeping it alive for a different project, but although colorful, it was only pink underneath and on the stems, not the top of the leaves.

  • 5
    Beautiful plant

    Posted by Deepak Kolte on Jul 1st 2020

    Both the plant and aquarium shop are wonderful. I get this plants delivered to Minnesota from Florida and they come very quick and are more fresh than my local aquarium shop

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    Plant Qualty

    Posted by CARL HAMILTON on Jun 26th 2020

    I got three nice sized bunches, the leaves are bronze on top and red on bottom. Several are starting to turn the color you see in the picture here, it may take a little more time to completely. I have bought plants at other places and I am usally disapointed. Not with this place.

  • 5
    Plant Quality

    Posted by CARL HAMILTON on Jun 19th 2020

    Once again great plants, good color and well worth the money.

  • 5
    Telanthera Rosefolia- Remarkable growth!

    Posted by Dave B on May 24th 2020

    I received a nice bundle of these that I planted in a cycling 10 gallon that's going to be my shrimp tank. It's only been a week, and I've already have to cut one stem, and I'll be cutting 3 or 4 more tomorrow. I already have a bush of them out of what was sent. Great plant!

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Schultz on May 18th 2020

    GREAT LOOKING PLANTS! I received lots of stems. I don’t even remember how many. They range gold-green and gold-red. They look beautiful in front of the taller Mario green.

  • 5
    Telanthera rosefolia

    Posted by Steven P DiGennaro on Mar 17th 2020

    Plants in tank about a month doing very well

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Davison on Feb 2nd 2015

    I received a good sized bunch that I turned into 3 smaller ones. The color is beautiful and it has these little flower looking ball things on it. Did I say the color is beautiful?