Our Pond Plants/lilies are mature plants. They have several buds that will blossom within 1 day. click here
(They are NOT just seedlings, unlike those sold by others.)

Tropical waterlilies consist of day blooming and night blooming varieties. This will allow for flowers in your water garden at all times of the day! Tropical waterlilies are known for their ability to produce more flowers and more colorful waterlily pads than any other varieties of waterlilies. It is not uncommon to see 3 or more open flowers from one tropical waterlily in a day! Some tropical waterlilies have over 100 petals on a flower and flowers come in almost all shades imaginable. Plant tropical waterlilies in the sunny parts of the water garden in the largest possible container for the area. The larger the container, the larger the plant will be. Remember to fertilize them monthly to keep them in peak performance.

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