Tunze pH/CO2 controller set

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About This Product

pH/CO2 controller set

consisting of pH controller 7070/2 and CO2 valve set 7074.11 with power supply unit 5012.01. The 12 Volt valve is nickel-plated and protected against corrosion.
The adjustable time-interval meter permits the gentle distribution of CO2, preventing excessive doses.
The control station operates on safety extra-low voltage.

General Information

TUNZE digital measuring instruments have been developed especially for the use in aquarism. The instruments with their electrodes operate at a high accuracy and are comparable with laboratory instruments in quality. The clearly arranged operating panel with key pad and adjustment knobs ensure fast and easy handling. The controller comes with parts for two different types of wall mounting.

Technical data

Measuring range: pH 1 - 14
Display accuracy: A 0.01 pH
Switching range: pH 5 - pH 9
Metering time: adjustable abt. 2 - 6min
Metering break: or without 5 - 15min
Ambient temperature: 0 to 45 C (32 to 113A