UV Lighting Super Actinic R Series T-12 Lamps (must also purchase 48" shipping box: code: SB48

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About This Product

The Super Actinic R is the most widely used aquarium lamp on the market. This lamp has a 100% blue spectrum with a peak output around 420 nm. This closely resembles the blue chlorophyll absorption peak utilized in photosynthesis. The 180 degree internal reflector allows for 40% more light output. It's great for reef applications and coral enhancement. The true color temperature cannot be computed for an actinic lamp, but this type of lamp is commonly referred to as 7,100K. The useful life hours are 6000 for normal output and 4500 for very high output (VHO).

All fluorescent tube orders (24" and up) must be accompanied with the purchase of a shipping box. Each box can hold up to 12 tubes.  product code: SB48