Vallisneria Corkscrew (Vallisneria americana var. biwaensis) (10 plants per order)

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Vals, Corkscrew (Vallisneria americana)

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Bare Root

Spiralled, green, straplike leaves, up to 40 cm long.Special note: Very prolific. (Sold 10 plants per order...price reflects 10 plant>)

Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2014

    Two day shipping, plants were in perfect condition when they arrived. Pleased with the amount that came too. The plant died off, but new growth came back up immediately. It looks so nice!

  • 5
    Get them now!

    Posted by Gary on Oct 21st 2014

    I just got my order and the quality of these Corkscrew Vals is superior. About 10-12" tall, nice thick, dark green leaves. Very nice root structure, plenty of tendrils and length to placement in my gravel was a one time setup.

  • 5
    corkscrew vals

    Posted by gary on Jul 3rd 2014

    These came in in good shape, with few damaged leaves. They are thriving in my 90G under low/medium light and after 3 weeks I am pleased.

  • 5
    second time shipped really nice

    Posted by Kelly on Jun 27th 2013

    My first shipment was a disaster from the start. Their computer messed up my order and didn't ship correctly so I received my whole order pretty much dead. They were awesome when I called, reshipped my order correctly and every plant looks great! The Val was unidentifiable the first time a bag of black mush! The reship is really nice, good roots and tall leaves been 2 months and the vals had a bit of meltdown, but new growth is taking off! I'm getting off shoots everywhere Over a year and this stuff is growing like weeds. Constant thinning!

  • 5
    very tall! great looking.

    Posted by stephen on Jan 24th 2013

    got these with another set of ten jungal vals and man they came looking great!

  • 5
    Great plant

    Posted by Gregg Sterling on Nov 5th 2012

    When the plants arrived they didn't look amazing, but after a couple of weeks they started growing new leaves and the old ones died off. Nice background plant, low maintenance.

  • 2
    Half of each plant was mush

    Posted by Ken on Apr 30th 2012

    Half of each plant was mush. But a couple days after planting what little was remaining they are starting to look a little better.

  • 5
    Very Nice Plants!!!

    Posted by Timothy Haut on May 3rd 2011

    The plants arrived in very good condition with a good root system and dark green in color at about 12 inches tall. I have them in a 1.73 wpg tank w/o CO2 and expect they will do well. After 10 day all plants have put out runners and have sprouted much new growth and the old leaves are melting with only weekly dosing.

  • 5

    Posted by Huw Powell on Mar 29th 2011

    They say "ten plants" on the order form, but I had to plant more like 15 crowns. All are growing new leaves after two weeks. I hope my light levels are enough, since I do love these plants. I used to work at a pet store in the 80s that got the only good plants around. The plants I bought here remind me of that quality. Update 3/29/11, bought another bundle. Only got ten this time :) Some very nice specimens.

  • 5
    Good plant

    Posted by Angela Williamson on Jan 10th 2011

    The vals seem to be growing good in my 20 gallon tank. Several already have new leaves starting to grow and I've only had them for four days!

  • 3
    Pretty by dying

    Posted by Darlene on Dec 9th 2010

    I ordered a bunch 7 days ago. They looked gorgeous when received but I'm losing one stem (at least) a day. I only have 3 left. My water fits within all perimiters. How long does it take for them to get established? Very dissappointed.

  • 4

    Posted by Brittany on Dec 22nd 2009

    I ordered some for my hexagon aquarium for my angel pair. These are large beautiful Corckscrew plants, and are worth every penny. The only bad thing is they had a hard time adjusting to my water parameters.