Vallisneria "Dark Red Jungle Val" (Vallisneria americana var. americana) (sold 10 plants per order)

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Vallisneria "Dark Red Jungle Val"
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Dark Red Jungle Val








North/Central America
















































Bare Root, Bunch

Similar to regular jungle vals with the exception that it has an eye pleasing redish color.

Price is per 10 stems.

Customer Reviews

  • 2
    jungle val

    Posted by bill on Mar 30th 2020

    nice upon arrival....then melts away...not sure they will make it.....very little growth

  • 5
    i am very impressed

    Posted by jerry foster on Nov 16th 2017

    just got these and I swear they are 3 feet long. I am shocked at how long they are.

  • 2
    A little disappointing...

    Posted by Lchi on May 26th 2017

    Was sent 2 extra nodes but the plants themselves were just okay. The majority of the leaves were not as long as advertised. I hope these grow quickly for me.

  • 5
    Healthy! Lovely!

    Posted by Thoughtsprocket on Oct 24th 2015

    I just received my Dark Red Jungle Vals yesterday. They're very healthy and showing the promise of red on the tips. I can't wait to plant them after their acclimation process! I know they'll be exactly what I've been looking for in my two aquariums. Thank you for growing first rate plants!

  • 3
    maybe it's me...

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 26th 2012

    ...but these just aren't doing that well in my low tech tank. They arrived green, and after a month haven't gained any reddish color. Several of the leaves have turned pale brown and shredded. There is some new-ish growth near the bottoms, so I'll wait it out and see what they do.

  • 5

    Posted by Matthew Pusic on Jun 20th 2012

    Got these with most leaves damaged and or dying over a month ago...they are making a fantastic and quick recovery...some leaves are now beyond the 3ft mark and at 10 for 11 bucks they are a bargain...I just ordered 10 more today...thank you

  • 5

    Posted by adam wilson on May 4th 2012

    just recieved this type of val today, i am very pleased, they are very tall, great color, just a little beat up from the heat, but im sure they will bounch back, thankyou for the good service

  • 4
    Wow as well...

    Posted by Rom on Feb 6th 2012

    I received the plants last 2/3/2012 and the moment I opened the package I was very pleased with the quality of the plants. These plants will surely be a good addition to my tank. Hope these acclimate soon.

  • 5
    Prolific grower

    Posted by C T on Mar 23rd 2011

    This plant can easily grow 3 to 4 FEET tall or more! Given the right conditions:CO2, strong lighting, gravel fertilizer. Gives the aquarium an exotic look. Will cover the entire bottom of the aquarium in a short period of time. You can give away the new shoots to friends.

  • 4
    red jungle val

    Posted by Rex DeShon on May 4th 2010

    You guys are great with customer service. I had ordered regular jungle val. and didn't realize you were out. Phoned and you were polite and changed it to red val. The plants looked great. I was dissapointed tho that the roots were chopped off. It has taken a month and I am just starting to see roots and some runners on a couple of the plants. hopefully the others come out of it.

  • 5

    Posted by PhilipᅠToppo on Dec 11th 2008

    Very nice coloration on these Val. Some of the best vals I have seen for a while. I would definitly recommend picking up some of these.