Vallisneria Jungle (Vallisneria Americana var. americana)(sold 10 plants per order)

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About This Product

Vals, Jungle (Vallisneria gigantea)

Common Name: Jungle Val

Family Name: Hydrocharitaceae

Native To: North/Central America

Lighting: Medium

pH: 7.0

Growth Demands: Moderate

Growth Form: Upright

Growth Rate: Fast

True Aquatic: Yes

Placement In Tank: Background

Available As: Bareroot

Green, straplike leaves, 1 - 2 meters long. Growth rate: Monthly approx. 2 leaves. Jungle Val is a large leaved grass like aquatic plant. This plant will get rather large and will form a dense cover at the water surface which will aid in the control of free floating algae (green water).(sold 10 plants per order...price reflects 10 plants)

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Jungle val

    Posted by Steven P DiGennaro on Mar 17th 2020

    Excellent plants very happy with them. In tank about a month doing very well

  • 5
    Very nice!

    Posted by William Malaier on Apr 27th 2018

    I ordered 10 of these which was more than enough to fill the back of my 90 tank. They arrived on time and in good condition but some of them looked kind of pale while other were a nice dark green. Maybe it's just the species. These were such nice mature plants, that they already are floating at the top because they're so long! Will wait to trim until they have had some time to settle in. Very happy with this company. My third order from that and couldn't have a better experience!

  • 3
    Quantity over quality

    Posted by Michelle on Apr 7th 2016

    The plants arrived in great condition but I was a bit disappointed with the size of the plants, small and thin leaves bit you get 10 of them so it kinda evens out for me.

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    More for your money

    Posted by amanda graner on Oct 16th 2015

    You get a lot more than you'd expect. Best quality! Melts if using Metricide/liquid C02.

  • 5

    Posted by Paul Osterberg on Apr 10th 2015

    I bought 2 orders of these and they arrived in awesome condition. Half of them already had runners on them with new smaller plants. Definatly worth the price.

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Jon Manning on Apr 11th 2014

    I just bought 10 of the jungle val, along with several other plants. They arrived on time, and in excellent condition, along with being larger than I was expecting! I will definitely use your company again.

  • 3
    Healthy plants...disappointed with all the snails

    Posted by Dar on Mar 26th 2014

    Ten of these plants is plenty for my 36 gal tank. I just planted them 10 days ago so they are fading and melting a bit until they get established. I'm assuming they'll establish eventually. I'm so disappointed though that my newly set up tank is now filled with snails! I don't even have fish in it yet!!!!!

  • 5
    Great plants

    Posted by richard christiansen on May 31st 2012

    I've had these plants for a while now and they grow like weeds!! Constantly have to cut them back since they grow so long in my 48" high tank. This is a great problem to have! Very healthy and very prolific.

  • 5
    Excellent plant and service

    Posted by Jeff Nolan on Mar 31st 2012

    I bought 20 and now have over 75 easy in my 75 all growing like crazy. Looking to others of the same species.

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    Excellent plant

    Posted by Huw Powell on Mar 29th 2011

    Arrived healthy and clean. Ten strong recently "pruned" plants. My only critique is that the root systems were so short they were hard to "sink", but I got it done. At least one has already sent out a runner; the others all have new leaves coming up. update 3/29/11: "jungle" is a good word for these. I now have at least 15-18 crowns going, several plants have grown leaves 4-5 feet long. Very nice.

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    Nice for fish

    Posted by Melodie on Jan 18th 2011

    Arrived in large, healthy bunches. These plants are great for filling in backgrounds and my fish love to hide / swim among them.

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    Great Vals.

    Posted by Brittany A. on Sep 30th 2010

    These came in HUGE. They were between 14"-17" long. The top sections (4") were brown when I got them in, but I went 2 day shipping, next time I will go overnight. Other than the brown tops, the plant looked healthy and look amazing in my aquarium.