Victoria Cruziana (giant waterlily)
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Victoria Cruziana (giant waterlily)

Common Name:      Victoria cruziana

 Scientific name: Victoria cruziana

Hardiness/Type: Tropical

Flower Color: White

Pad Color: Green

Size: Extra Large

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    Victoria Lily

    Posted by KC Carpenter on Jun 20th 2020

    Wasn’t sure what I was going to get. Lily was in a shocking small box but well wrapped with two 8-10” pads. Roots were packaged in wet paper. I immediately planted the lily in a 70/30 mix of Clay cat litter and sand. Within 24hrs you could see a new pad developing. A few days later the pad emerged in good condition. Another pad is developing now and it just breaking the water surface. The lily appears to be thriving and must have been in excellent condition when harvested. Assuming I can’t keep this one through the winter I will most certainly purchase another next spring from aquarium plants. Thank you for the beautiful lily.