WavePoint Blade HO LED Fixture 6" 12 Watt 6500K

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WavePoint Blade HO LED Fixture

WavePoint Blade HO LED Fixture 6" 12 Watt 6500k
WavePoint Blade HO LED Fixture 6" 12 Watt Super Blue/10,000K

Wave-point Blade high output Led Clamp On Lights are housed by a sleek aluminum hood with heat removal technology with a star fire glass splash guard. The clear acrylic mounting arm made of durable high impact plastic, allows the clamp light to easily mount and be secured to a wide variety of rimless aquariums. The fixture is water resistant and is equipped with a UL low voltage transformer. Included is a on and off switch . These lights are plant tank capable and can be used to high light an existing environment or as a primary light source.

Compact, high-output LED fixture. Compact, high-output LED fixture. Great for nano reef or fish aquariums.
* Ideal for Fresh and Saltwater Environments
* High Output 1-Watt LED Lamps
Mounting Bracket Made of High Impact Plastics (7mm max. thickness)
Crystal Glass Splash Guard
Nano Aquarium Light
Water Resistant Construction
Robust and effective heat sink
Low Voltage UL Listed Transformer
12 watt