36 Plant Assortment

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30-40 gallon aquarium

Note: The 36 plant assortment contains different plants, with some grouped for best effect. (EXAMPLE: two bunch plants of same variety)The plants in all assortments contain a beautiful variety of bunch plants, swords, crypts, etc. As always, the selection is great, the quality is impeccable, the value in unbeatable (anywhere!), and satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Note: We have NEVER sold an assortment to a customer that claimed they didn't receive a GREAT deal.

Note: The value for these assortments (a buck or so per plant) is so good that even if you don't use them all, or give some to friends, it's just a great deal!

Note: Sorry, no substitutions, no inclusions, no exclusions...these assortments are put together with different plants from day to day, based on daily plant availability.

Customer Reviews

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    Posted by Jess on Apr 3rd 2021

    Unlike a lot of the other's who have gotten this I was prepared for low to high demanding plants. That aside the plants again never have labels so unless you know your aquatics your guessing bad idea. Moving on there wrapped in wet newspaper in a bag. The rubber bands you need to trim over the stems and pull off leaves etc before planting stem by stem. My only real issue was the carpeting mats there brown to yellow an very much an eye sore at the moment. And not a fan of the plastic mate they are attached to. Otherwise if you now what your doing an prepared for this an amazing bunch of plants with no die back day 7 with me. Wss sent 2 bulbs as well tigers I believe and they have 3 to 4 leaves each now under direct light and will grow huge in a month or so very much a back of the tank plant but requires growing in sun before hand. Okay so anubis I was very excited to see 4 of them which is perfect for my project tank saved cash there. Over all I would do this again in fact I plain to buy a 300$ bundle next to keep the 125 busy and have extra plants for the other um 22 tanks? I lost count at 20. I did not see a snail but did have to skim after planting Because the shipping was a bit wonky stuffing all the plants into bag. Over all i would rate a high 3.

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    36 plant assortment

    Posted by Samantha Bietschek on Jun 7th 2020

    Loved my assortment! My aquariums look amazing.

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    Lots of plants but nothing I could use.

    Posted by Fish_Dude on Jun 21st 2018

    I ordered this instead of ordering individual plants. Big mistake. There were a lot of high quality plants, and a good value if I were selling in a store. It was too much for my 75 gallon and had nothing I would have ordered. The issue is that nothing works for my aquarium. Too many swords, and way too much water wisteria. I HATE water wisteria. The Ludwigia Rupens was nice but that's common at local shops and i already have a tank full. The only other stem plant I could use was moneywort, but again, it's really common locally. There were some beautiful swords, but too many for my tank. More than 4 and the tank looks overcrowded. They sent me 10 various sword styles. Top notch but I can't use them. I literally could use about 5 plants of this package. I could have bought what I wanted for about $30, If you know what you want, don't go for the pot luck. I ended up giving 90% of this package away.

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    Wow! That's a lot of plants!

    Posted by Kyle Davis on Sep 6th 2013

    The description says this is good for 30-40 gallons, but what I received was FAR too much for my 75 gallon tank. The quality is very good. I'm quite pleased! When I build my 2nd tank, you can bet I'll be ordering here again.

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    Amazing assortment

    Posted by Angela White on Oct 4th 2012

    I write very honest reviews, criticisms and compliments. Let me be very clear when I say that this is an amazing package! The plants are beautiful and healthy, and I was shocked by the variety! I have 5 tanks, and I had to throw 2 more together just to handle the plants! It would have been nice for there to be a pre-printed list of plants where the person could just circle the ones they're putting in, but since there wasn't, I now have the fun task (and I mean that truly!) of finding out what goodies I got! You cannot go wrong ordering this!

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    Good assortment but...

    Posted by amanda perez on Mar 30th 2012

    Love the variety, I received a great amount of plants and must say they are GORGEOUS! I only wish I could tell which is which. Being fairly new to planted aquariums I wish the plants had some sort of identification. I now have no clue as to what goes where or the light requirements...I just hope they don't die.

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    Plenty of plants

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 21st 2011

    I was pleased that my 2nd day air plants arrived in only one day. I ordered the 36 plus 5 more and ended up with 45 plants. Though this is the recommended amount for a 30 to 40 gallon aquarium, it was more than adequate for my 70 gallon. The quality of the plants are good. I am pleased with them. They are healthy and of decent size. Even though you cannot specify plants are included, you also have no idea what you get. The plants come unlabeled and there is no list of what you bought. It is up to you to identify them. Also, though it's my own fault for not checking into this first, the plants came with snails. Not many, but that's irrelevant, as they are prolific. I had a new aquarium with nothing in it but water and gravel. Now I have an aquarium with plants and snails. This is my third order from AP and two of the three have been unsatisfactory for one reason or another, not with the products, but with the service.

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    36 Pack of Plants

    Posted by Santiago on Oct 19th 2010

    I was completely blown away after receiving the plants I did. For one thewy were all in perfect health, two there were soooooo many of them, so many species, types, kinds, it completley blew me away. The quantity and quality you receive for the money are trully incredible. I could not even dream of my aquarium looking this great but after a nice substrate some CO2 and this plants and the aquarium is lush and full of vibrant colors. This is by far my best buy for my aquarium yet. Thank you so much. If you are thinking of buying don't think it over, you have nothing I mean absolutely nothing to be worried about, you will be more than 100% satisfied. Thank you so much for such great products. I will be sure to buy from you again. Thank You.

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    Beautiful Plants

    Posted by Tony on Oct 23rd 2009

    I ordered very skeptically as to what I was going to get. They arranged a special FedEx pick up since they do not use them, they use UPS. I got my plans the very next day. When I received the package I was freaking out because it was so small, it looked like one of those supermarket salad bags. I started screaming and cursing but when I opened the bag I realized it was more than what I expected. It had more than 20 different species, from a variety of colors I almost could not fit them in my 75 gallon. The average size is about 7-8 inches long. I repeat, very nice variety and beautiful plants. Thanks a lot for this purchase.

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    Very nice!

    Posted by Lindsay on Dec 16th 2006

    Very pleased with the selection and health of the plants ordered. :) This sure beats the price and selection (BY FAR) the aquarium shops, at least around here. Will not hesitate to order from them again if ordering enough to justify shipping cost.