Java Moss (Vesicularia Dubyana) 4oz Portion Cup (by volume-not weight)
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This is a creeping plant that grows on rocks, bogwood, etc. It thrives in dim light and likes warm temperatures. You should, however be careful when purchasing this plant. There are many mosses tagged as Java, but many of them are not meant to be grown underwater. A good dealer will know the difference. The genus name for Java moss is Vesicularia Dubyana.

Note: Many companies claim to have this in stock, only to give a substitution. WE HAVE IT IN STOCK..

NOTE: This is "real" Java Moss (Vesicularia Dubyana), not "Willow moss" that most other companies try to substitute. (sold in a 4 oz portion cup: 4 oz by volume not by weight)

  • Common Name: Java Moss
  • Family Name: Hypnaceae
  • Native To: South America
  • Lighting: Medium
  • pH: 5.5-9
  • Growth Demands: Difficult
  • Growth Form: Moss
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Midground
  • Available As: Portion
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  • 5
    Java moss

    Posted by Curtis R Dyson on Dec 30th 2021

    Beautiful green will order again

  • 5
    Java moss

    Posted by Pam on Oct 21st 2021

    Received large portions of healthy green moss. Perfect. Very happy customer

  • 5
    Java moss

    Posted by Joy Snyder on Dec 11th 2020

    Moss was very green on arrival. Portions were average. Moss is doing well in my low tech tanks

  • 3
    it's brown when i got it. looks dead.

    Posted by Rose Leong on Nov 13th 2020

    i put them in the tank anyway to see if it'll revive. we'll see.

  • 5
    Perfect plants!

    Posted by Danielle H. on Nov 9th 2020

    The java moss arrived on time and I picked them up at the pick up location on the day after. I put the java moss in my fish tank as soon as I got home. The plants were packed thoughtfully, in hard containers with a cool pack, in a bubble envelope. They were healthy and my betta fish are really enjoying them. A great, no hassle-experience!

  • 5
    java moss

    Posted by rACHEALE eICHHORN on Oct 17th 2020

    The java moss arrived, really nice size and very healthy.

  • 3
    Slow Growing

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 20th 2018

    I've had this plant for 3 months and it hasn't grown much if at all. I was fertilizing twice a week under low light conditions and nothing really happened. I've recently returned to a T5 light setup and CO2 injection and it is still a slow grower. The plant is still very green and looks healthy. I did receive a lot of this plant so that helps. Maybe it will take a bit longer to establish...

  • 5
    Full cups

    Posted by JPC on Jan 17th 2018

    Ordered two cups, portions were generous, could have ordered one and been just as satisfied.

  • 4
    Fast Delivery!!

    Posted by TravisᅠKragh on Oct 13th 2016

    I got 3 products, moss/marimo balls, dwarf hairgrass, and java moss. Both the hairgrass and the marimo's are awesome and alive. The moss however got a little cold on the truck i think, and i dont think im so lucky with it... next time i guess i should choose next day instead of 2nd day... but on another note i am starting to see a tiny bit of green on the moss, its in my 55gal CO2 infused aquarium, so it may live 8D!! Thanx nonetheless Update: Everything died except moss balls, and i dont believe it would have been anything I did... i would say try to find someone who sells the real products.